Sunday, January 15, 2006

The DC Area's HOT new blog!

After reading a bevy of the DC area blogs for the past two years, I started wondering... Do these bloggers live in the same reality as me?! Do they really go out five times a week, hitting up the hottest hottest DC nightlife opportunities? Considering most people that live in this area are Federal employees, or even a Federal contractor, how can they live like this. I decided that this gap in coverage is where I needed to come in. To represent the everyman resident that lives here. The type of person that doesn't know how or if they'll ever be able to afford a house on a Government salary. The type of person that cares a bit about politics but doesn't make it their life. The type of person that actually likes hitting up dive bars, and maybe has been guilty of asking if Natty Light or PBR is served there. The type of person that was crushed when Dr. Dremo's had to stop allowing Beirut to be played. The goal of this blog will be to reflect life here from a normal, average salaried, few years out of a small Virginia liberal arts university, likes to go out on weekends, loves football but hates the Redskins metropolitan DC resident.


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