Friday, January 27, 2006

Found a Hidden Gem for Brewdog Pounding

With me not having work tomorrow thanks to the generous Federal government, I convinced my crew to go out tonight. A couple of the guys, interested in meeting up with a couple of ladies, led us to Mr. Days in Clarendon. I can't begin describe the general awfulness there. Let's just say there was no shortage of guys with sweet up-down hairstyles and square toed shoes. Not really my scene there, especially with the 50 cent blaring, oddly juxtaposed with a disco ball and 50 TVs showing the Super Bowl Top 40 players of all time and Alexander Ovechkin's Crib (TM) on Comcast Sports Net. After leaving, we stumbled across the true gem of Clarendon: Jay's Saloon. No trendy Metro DCite would be caught dead here. The cheap wood paneling and formica tabletops give a homey atmosphere. Inside was a low key crowd, seemingly only with the goal of getting wasted. But the thing that sold me on Jay's was hanging on the wall in front of me... three glass wall hangings celebrating one of the greatest arena rock bands of all time (tied with Journey): STYX!!! I was sold. Any bar that could celebrate such earth shattering hits as Lady and Fooling Yourself is A-OK with me. The next time you venture out to the "suburbs" (rouglly 2 miles from the actual DC/Virginia state line), I recommend Jay's. I'm interested in finding other dive bars where, when needed, I can escape the trendy bar scene for a nice, quieter place to pound some brews and catch up with friends. Any suggestions?


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