Monday, January 16, 2006

Frattiness can be hazardous to your health

It seems that whenever my friends and I get together to go out, it turns into a reliving of our cherished frat days. But, instead of it only happening maybe once or twice a year for homecoming or alumni reunion weekend, it happens several times a week. To celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. Day (MLK is A-OK), we headed out to Clarendon Ballroom on Sunday night. Unfortunately, the Clarendon Ballroom did not feel it was necessary to stay open and serve us alcohol (they must be haters of the social and economic advances made by African Americans thanks to MLK). So, we headed to Whitlows. Long story short, we pounded brewdogs to the point of inebriation. The next part of the story is a key lesson for all of you (in less crude terms than the real life occurrence): do your due diligence before inferring that a girl you meet may be a prostitute. As we are walking back to my friend's house, my most inebriated friend spots a provocatively dressed young lady with a guy accompanying her. Thinking it funny, he remarks "Have fun with your whore". Granted, this wasn't his best attempt at making a funny. Predictably, the guy responds with an angry "What did you say?!". Things escalate (without ever actually escalating to an actual fight, which seems to be the norm once you leave school), and the guy says "I should kill you for calling my sister a whore". Yikes. Since no one actually wanted to punch anyone, things settled down and we went home. After getting a nice round of rousing laughter at my friend's stupidity. I guess we learned our lesson that drinking is bad. Except, I'm sure there is brewdog pounding planned for 24 tonight.

I think Jack Bauer might be the only guy I'd ever consider going gay for. FYI, he's already killed 4 people in the first episode.


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