Thursday, January 26, 2006

Losing weight made cinchy... and delicious

I am going on vacation for the first time since I've started working a few years ago in March. In a girlish effort (the woman tells me I'm being quite the fairy) to drop 10 pounds, I've switched over to Lean Cuisine for lunch and dinner for a while. After about three days, I'm tired of salisbury steak, watery chicken alfredo and 3 nuggets of sesame chicken. I was ready to give up and get back to gorging on Wendy's 99 cent junior bacon cheeseburgers (after all, I just got paid about 200 junior bacon cheeseburgers). This would allow me to be mistaken as a porpoise when I'm on the beach. BUT THEN, I discovered Stouffer's greatest invention since the silver disc that simulates grilling that they include with pizzas: Lean Cuisine Paninis. Seriously, these things are delicious. I would consider buying these at Panera if offered over my beloved Frontega Chicken. I've noticed that my local Giant has been sold out of these for up to a 4 day period (yes, I went back 4 consecutive days trying to buy these). If you do happen to run across this apparently very rare creature, look for the Southwestern Chicken or Chicken Club species. I swear Stouffers isn't paying me for this (although I'd be open to it). I am fairly sure I'd still eat these even if I were an obese man with a taste for lard-sicles and a cool glass of heavy cream.


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