Sunday, January 15, 2006

Restaurant Week Wrap-Up: Living the High Life

Usually living the high life for me is more Champagne of Beers than Steve Winwood's immortal song "Back in the High Life". But, during DC's restaurant week, I can feel like a high roller or a big shot power broker. I know a lot of people complain abou this week: saying the waiters are meaner, service suffers, the food takes a hit. But how else is a mid-level Federal chump like me going to eat at the Four Seasons in Georgetown on a non-special occasion night? Besides, I still contend that if you choose your restaurant wisely, even a watered down 4 star meal at some of the super premium DC restaurants is a great value for the $30.06. So, accompanied by my lovely girlfriend, we set out for Seasons in Georgetown (or is it in Foggy Bottom) for dinner on Saturday night. The night may have started poorly when I chose to wear a lime green shirt with an unmatching striped lime green and blue tie. Nevertheless, at least I wore a tie. Or at least that's how I defended it to my girlfriend. I could have just as easily tried to personify what I assume the stuffy waiters at these restaurants view the Restaurant Weekers that file in as by wearing my Vista Soccer Club Coach T-shirt and some baggy cargo pants. I took the high road as you can see.

Anyways, the dinner was delicious. I ordered Beef Burgundy, my girlfriend ordered the Rockfish. We both thoroughly enjoyed it. I also got caught by the waiter sopping up the sauce with the remainder of our bread. Unfortunately this was cut short by a cold "I'll take that plate out of your way sir." Our dinner was also made more entertaining by the table behind us. Two mid-20's guys with 2 mid-20's girls, possibly on a double date. Possibly on a double first date. We couldn't help but listen to some of their conversation. I classify the talkative mid 20's guy as what I view as a typical DC Congressional staffer jerk. He naturally talked about his super sweet meetings he had with [insert name-drop here] that most likely consisted of him saying "Here is the report you asked me to pull up on Lexis-Nexis Mr. [insert name-drop here]". The true highlight was when one of the girls excused herself to go to the bathroom. She leans down to pick up her purse, and DC Congressional staffer jerk says "Hey, I can see your thong. It's pink [cackle]." As she walks away looking stupefied, he lets out a quite audible "Whore." I started laughing, my girlfriend glared, but I found that to be hilarious.

To sum it up, DC Restaurant Week was a success for us. We got a great meal and some dinner theater for the princely sum of $30.06 each. People may complain about how some restaurants handle this week, but sometimes you get what you pay for. And its at least a week where we don't have to hit up one of the eight million chain restaurants here.


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