Thursday, January 19, 2006

Start buying up Columbia Pike property now!!!

As some may have gathered, I don't live in the District proper. I live 1 mile from the 14th Street Bridge right next to the Navy Annex on Columbia Pike in Arlington. When I first moved to Columbia Pike, I thought it was real dicey and possibly dangerous. It definitely looked a lot different from Fair Lakes where my previous apartment was. Less Applebees, more Salvadorean restaurants. But it had charm. As the old downtown of Arlington (before gentrification moved it to the Orange Line corridor), it has some unique buildings, the Cinema and Drafthouse, and unique restaurants (2 on the Washingtonian Top 100!). I always thought, if they could just clean this place up it could be a hot neighborhood. Well that day may be coming. The Washington Post recently covered some of the new plans for this area in an article on Sunday. Mainly, they are going to put in TROLLEYS!!! It's the poor man's Metro! I guess this has been tried in Portland and it worked great:

"Over time, the Portland transit remodeling proved a huge success, ushering in more than $2 billion in mixed-use development along the city's streetcar line and enhancing the city's vitality."

I know a lot of people that just aren't willing to take the bus because of the image related to it. I really think putting trolleys in is going to spur development. I just may buy a place on the Pike and watch the value triple. Or I'll just keep waiting for the Columbia Center Condo to FINALLY start construction.


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