Sunday, January 22, 2006

You Can Take Away My Drinking Games, But You Can't Take Away My Fun

Dr. Dremo's has been through a tough past few months. First, John Law cracked down on the bar's biggest selling point: ample drinking games, specifically Beirut (or as it's often incorrectly called, Beer Pong). Next, its landlord decided to sell the land to satisfy Arlington's insatiable urge to build ANOTHER high-rise condo. Because I know Arlington doesn't have nearly enough of those being built right now. Since the ban on drinking games, I haven't really been to Dr. Dremo's thinking it was in its last death throes and would be virtually empty. How many people would really want to go to a decrepit looking bar that serves only beer and has pool? Was I wrong or what. Last night, after deciding that Georgetown's win over Duke would cause the greater Georgetown area to be a madhouse full of annoying fans and drunken college students talking about a national championship. So the original plans to hit up Garrett's or the Guards was done. The decision was made to give Dr. Dremo's another try. This turned out to be a great decision, on the caliber of me betting a parlay of Seattle and Pittsburgh today. Dremo's was packed, had a band, and a good time was had by all. After pounding some brewdogs, we played some pool and scouted the terrain. A quick note for the ladies out there: if you're not going to wear a bra and you're going to wear a very low cut shirt, keep in mind that if you play pool, we'll probably be able to see some nipple when you take your shot (like 8 times). Especially if you have areoli that resemble a dinner plate. There were a surprising amount of women at Dremo's, allowing me to play wingman for my hopeless friends. After that series of crushing failures, it was determined that a return visit to Dremo's was in order in the future. I just hope that these condo plans fall through and the bar can stay in business for a while longer. If not, at least Arlington has another high rise condo and maybe a TGI Friday's or Applebee's that will get built on that lot. On an unrelated note, I keep seeing the 3-course TGIF ad on TV showing that if you order a TGIF 3-course meal, hot girls and new friends will gather around your table and a crazy night of debauchery will ensue. I intend to test this out. God knows parties love following an appetizer plate of fried mozzerella, a TGIF burger, and a poor rendition of cheesecake. I think I read this somewhere... perhaps US News and World Report. Anyways, TGIF can expect a lawsuit from me if a party on the scale of Paris Hilton's Sex Video Release Party doesn't materialize at my table.


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