Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Three Days of Glory

Most times, I really can't figure out why I work for the Federal Government. It's pretty clear to me that I can make more money working for a private company. The old timer Federal workers will always talk about how great the benefits. But this is because they have a pension that will pay them around 80K a year when they're retired (this system changed over to a 401K-like retirement plan). But I don't see the advantage. It's not like Lockheed Martin doesn't give their employees health insurance, an actual dental plan (unlike the Government), a 401K, and probably stock options or something. But one benefit of my job CAN NOT be beat. I take every other Friday off, in exchange for working 9 hour days. This means I have a three day weekend every two weeks, which is awesome. Plus, I get all the Federal holidays off which is nice.

This particular three day weekend, I'm not sure I really utilized it to its fullest (which I have the luxury of wasting, since I need only wait 3 more days for my next 3 day weekend). Here are three things I learned this weekend:

1. Piano bars are not to be associated with middle aged patrons. I went out to Mr. Smith's of Georgetown, thinking it would be full of plenty of 40 year olds well past their prime. I was surprised that I actually had a great time there. After bashing the overplaying of Green Day a few days ago, I was caught singing along to a piano rendition of Basket Case. My only complaint was the five dollar price tag for a Miller Lite which I really should just expect to pay when I go to Georgetown. This night was made all the better when compared to the previous night. The woman decided to go out to Play on Connecticut Ave. with some of her friends, and of course drag me along too. To preface this, I hate going to clubs. I hate the music that gets played at clubs, and I hate a lot of the people that go to clubs (mostly the males). I just have difficulty being around guys whose going out routine consists of gelling up, unbuttoning that extra button, shining up their square toed shoes, so that they can go to dark room with a strobe light to cop cheap feels off of drunken girls, all the while feeding them more Cosmopolitans in hopes of getting a cheap handie at the end of the night. The woman tricked me. She called it a lounge, and said it would be full of plush furniture and it most definitely wasn't a club. Plus we could drink free because she knew the bartender. When we walked up to the place, I saw the line and I heard the music. I gave it 15 minutes. Pounded two beers, then left my girlfriend there to dance it up with her friends and took a cab back to Virginia. Ugh.

2. I enjoyed eating a real brunch at Tallula on Sunday. I had the best tasting chili I've ever had (other than my own prize winning chili) to go along with some biscuits and gravy and a grilled cheese sandwich. It beat the hell out of eating out of the trough that is the Whitlows brunch buffet. Not that I don't enjoy the food on the Whitlows buffet, but it's nice to eat quality instead of quantity once in a while.

3. I hate all of the professional sports teams in Washington (especially the Redskins), but I can't help but root for the three college teams here that are going to go to the NCAA tournament. I found myself watching the George Mason game on Friday on ESPN2 and really pulling for them not to blow that game in the last 2 minutes. I may even make a trip out to see a game in Fairfax, or maybe at George Washington if I can get a ticket. It's time I see what James F. was talking about before he sadly departed the DC area about how fun a GW game can be. Coming from Southern California and hating UCLA, I haven't had much chance to root for a winning college basketballt eam, so I'm officially adopting the local teams as my own now.

That's about it as I embark on this torturous three day work week (although to my credit I went in for four hours on Sunday to finish stuff up). At this point, I'm really just counting down the two and a half weeks til I fly down to Costa Rica for vacation.

Special Note: Thanks to RoarSavage for the link to my blatant stereotyping of women into five easy to categorize groups. I'll have to think of some way to pay her back.


At 10:07 AM, Blogger Nicole said...

I'm glad to hear that although Play wasn't for you, you didn't drag your gf down either by whining the rest of the night, or insisting she leave with you - Good for you.

At 4:10 PM, Blogger RoarSavage said...

I'm going to have to second Nick. Back in November a friend's bf kinda pitched a fit in Play. Total downer. I wish he had been as considerate as you.

At 4:48 PM, Blogger The Virginian said...

There's no point in ruining her fun just because I'm not a clubby guy. I'm surprised that this wouldn't be normal behavior to just leave and let the girl have her fun at a club. Just like I wouldn't care if she wanted to go hang with her friends while I'm dive barring it up.

At 5:13 PM, Blogger RoarSavage said...

What you just said, Sewer, makes you a catch.
Go home tonight and remind "the woman" about all the saps out there. She's lucky to have someone so reasonable. : )


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