Sunday, March 05, 2006

Let's Deal With Real Problems... Starting With Victoria's Secret

How many times have I sat through some politician or political analyst talking about how we need to fix all these problems: things like the War on Terror, poverty, developing hydrogen cars, sending men to Mars, etc, etc, etc. Pretty much all things that are going to take about 20 years to actually do (or more), but sound big and important and ambitious for now. How about just once, we addres real problems that real people have to face on a day to day basis.

Let's start with a problem hobbling America's retail industry. This weekend, The Woman dragged me along to Tysons Corner to buy some last minute clothes for our vacation this week. I had two related incidents that just sucked for me. The first stop for her is Victoria's Secret. Now this stop in any couple's mall trip is one that can turn out two ways. The first is the good way, where the couple goes in, sees some sexy lingerie that will be fun for the couple later, and buys it, models it later, and a good time is had by all. The second, and far more common result, is the trip in looking for mundane things like sports bras, bras and panties out of the sale bin - pretty much nothing exciting. The second type of trip is particularly painful for the male once the female retreats to the dressing room. In Victoria's Secret, the dressing room lobby is well appointed with about two velvet chairs, nice wallpaper, pretty classy overall. There in lies the first dilemma: Do I sit in the Victoria Secret dressing room lobby, feeling like a big perv? Because really, there's not much else to do to pass the time other than looking at the people going in and out of the dressing room, and looking at the products they are carrying or the products that are hanging on the to-be-returned-to-the-shelves rack, all the while taking care not to stare at the inappropriately skimpy lingerie choices that the huskier lasses are taking in to try on. Or, do I stand right outside of the dressing room (keeping in mind that The Woman expects me to be right there when she exits the dressing room), where Victoria's Secret has decided to put their "playful" lingerie and look like a big perv examining these products (or again, looking at the women going in and out of the dressing room as well as noting their choice of lingerie, because really, there's not a lot else to do in this situation). This is all made worse by media stories like this. This happened again when she went into H&M to buy some black pants or something. Really?! We need to put the dressing room and the "waiting bench" right in the middle of the lingerie section?! So I sit on the bench which I assume is why it is placed there, and women are reaching for bras to my left, and holding them up to their chest to see how it would look. I turn and look, because again, what else am I supposed to look at when I'm really bored? She glares at me as if she thinks I'm going to jump her in the parking lot and pull a Kobe Bryant on her. How humiliating.

My main point? How about we make a smidgen of effort to make these dressing room situations comfortable for all sexes. Like maybe move the dressing room one section over from the bra section and stick it in activewear. Or maybe put some more benches down in Victoria's Secret and maybe put the normal clothing they sell around them. Maybe then I wouldn't hate going into Victoria's Secret as much on the couples shopping expeditions, and maybe then I wouldn't fight going in, and she would go more often, and in turn, probably buy more stuff from them. So yeah, thanks a lot Victoria's Secret and H&M for setting up your dressing rooms in the least optimal configuration possible for the requisite male accompanying significant other shopper. Thanks a lot. Jerks. So come on President Bush, let's put your big idea, probably never going to happen problems aside and deal with what we CAN fix now. How about some male-friendly dressing room legislation.


At 1:24 PM, Blogger Marci (aka Baby Banana) said...

My question is, why do women drag their men into these stores in the first place? I've never understood that. Unless he genuinely (without prompting from you) wants to see what you are thinking of purchasing, do not drag the boy along with you. Period. Shop together, that is fine! But if you find yourself with 110 things that you just have to try on, shoo him away and tell him you'll meet him at the next store.

At 1:41 PM, Blogger RoarSavage said...

Hear! Hear!, Nanner! Those bf's make me feel creeped out. ...I had no idea they had feelings, too, and were creeped out as well, lol.
Seriously, VA, do you have to wait for her in Vickies? Can't you go to Sharper Image in the mean time? It's not like she can come out and model...

At 3:23 PM, Blogger The Virginian said...

It's complicated. It's a combination of not having cell phone reception, overly crowded mall, and the girlfriend pretty much demanding me to wait. Some things are worth fighting about, some things aren't I guess. This was uncomfortable, but not worth fighting about. Spineless on my part I know, but it's hard to get reunited if I go wandering when neither has reception on their phones.

Roar, this would not be a problem if she could come out and model.

At 9:47 AM, Blogger RoarSavage said...



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