Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Metro DC Sewer Takes A Junket

Always vowing to spare no expense in our hard hitting reporting about the metro DC area, The Virginian is hereby taking a short junket to Costa Rica (the "rich coast" for those with full-on gringosity) to deliver cutting edge news and comments for the DC Sewer's loyal readers. With things slowing down around the DC area until spring starts bringing people outdoors a bit more, the cherry blossoms start blossoming, and the Nats embark on an undoubtedly horrendous season, it was time to go find the stories instead of waiting for them. Hence, the trip to Central America. As some critical thinking readers may realize, these stories would have absolutely nothing to do with the metro DC area. What is the point?! Why aren't you discussing terribly lame topics like plummeting property values or awful Arlington dive bars?! You'll live without them for a couple weeks. Plus I wanted to go on vacation. Besides, with on the scene reporting from such metropolises as Playa Zancudo and Golfito, the Sewer hopes to bring you a little taste of paradise (I realize DC Bachelor reported from Venezuela a couple months ago already, but what can you do). I figure sometimes its good to bring people a new perspective. It gets tiring being stuck in the daily grind of DC life, hearing about the latest Bush related stupidity, the partisan bickering, the speed cameras, attacks on blogs, I could go on with more reasons for quite a while.

The original plan was that I would escape the bitter cold of Winter. This plan has panned out about as well as the Redskins salary cap planning did as you can see in the following:

Just as I'm flying out, the weather decides to get up to perfect temperatures and the winter starts to thaw out (as weak as the winter was...). Thanks a lot Mother Nature.

Stay tuned for some international coverage for the next couple of weeks.