Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Opinions Only Matter From ACTUAL DCites

I've heard the same arguments for the two years I've lived in Northern Virginia that people not from DC should not criticize anything about DC. After all, they live in disgusting Arlington or Alexandria, full of nothing but chain restaurants and big box stores. What could they possibly know about DC related politics and happenings? I've always found this to be (overall) the dumbest thing I've ever heard. This came to a head over at why.i.hate.dc when that author's comments on DCist were discounted because he lives a mile and a half over the Maryland border in Bethesda. I seem to remember the old why.i.hate.dc writer being constantly bashed for living a 3 minute drive away from the Memorial Bridge in Courthouse. I've even heard similar comments on this blog, specifically that I shouldn't have used a photo of a DC cop when describing a WMATA transit cop stationed at Pentagon City, located under .5 miles from the Potomac River.

I understand this argument when talking about things like schools. Schools pretty much only benefit the DC taxpayers, and I as a Virginia resident really couldn't care less that DC has awful hellholes for public schools. But as far as the stadium issue, I feel like this is a regional issue. Let's assume MLB had decided to put the stadium at Army-Navy and Fern St. in Pentagon City. I surely doubt that residents of DC would choose to refrain from commenting on issues related to that stadium's construction. Even though by their logic, only Virginians should be allowed to have an opinion on it.

And seriously, these people think that things change that drastically when you cross over the 14th Street Bridge into Virginia?! Arlington used to be part of DC after all, until the seceded back to Virginia. The same goes for Bethesda. It's not like the scenery changes that much between Tenleytown and Bethesda. If you want to bash Fairfax County (another former residence) for being nothing but endless chain stores, than fine. It's pretty close to the truth. But its absolutely retarded to group the exurban areas like Arlington with Chantilly. Please don't take this as me being a blinded to the sprawl, Northern Virginia loving, traffic sitting Arlingtonian. I despise it here. But I'm sane enough to tell that my life would not be dramatically different if I moved the 1 mile into the District (which is an option when my lease runs out). Enough with the self important DC residents pulling the holier than thou attitude about regional affairs.


At 4:18 PM, Blogger RoarSavage said...

I can't follow on this one, babe. I'm a total district snob. lol.


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