Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Real Life Is Depressing

During my time in Costa Rica, I discovered that there were way more Americans that just pulled up the stakes and moved down to tropical paradise. Like 50,000 of them living in Costa Rica. It got me thinking, could I pull this off? God knows working in a Federal office isn't really doing it for me. Hearing one more Federal Acquisition Regulations reference, seeing one more signature block, staring at my cubicle wall for one more minute, and I'm liable to go crazy. I noticed that after about the 2nd day, I started trying to brainstorm great new business ideas. For example, after seeing huge, huge plantations of African oil palm trees, I thought that I could just take a freighter down there, fill up the entire deck with palm trees, bring them up to Southern California, and sell them to housing construction companies to stick in someone's front yard so that they can feel tropical. The Woman let me know that a.) These palms might not even grow in California, b.) It would cost a fortune to transport it from the dock to the building site, c.) It might not even be legal to import thousands of live trees. She really crushed my dream. And this was only the first of about 10 big ideas. All equally as bad. But, I'm definitely keeping the idea of going after a simpler, happier life somewhere in the tropics. Someday. Or until I forget about this in a week or so.

Some other thoughts...

1. I get back to the States, catch up on my sports news, and see that there was a flurry of free agent signings in the NFL. Seriously, where are the Redskins getting this cap space to give the biggest contract in NFL history for a safety?! Or to sign the top wide receiver free agent?! What happened to them having to cut all their veterans and playing 20 rookies or whatever the doomsday pundits were saying? Seriously these signings makes me sad as I love nothing more than to see the Redskins fans squirm in misery at their team's perpetual underachieving. Thats what happens when you go to school for 4 years with fervent Redskins fans when you're a fan of a West Coast, Southern Californian team.

2. After having some quality time with my iPod on vacation, I'm now hooked on two songs by Morningwood, which I guess is some rock band from New York with a girl lead singer. Try downloading Nth Degree which is so poppy and bubble gum, but so catchy. Then download Jetsetter which is just awesome.

3. I am not sad that I missed Shamrock Fest. I went last year and couldn't deal with the fact that I had to buy a ticket, and then pay twice the going rate for beer once inside, all for the pleasure of hearing some B-list cover bands and some unsigned (for good reason) local bands. Give me a gorgeous, unpopulated beach with great surf in Central America over navigating huge throngs of wasted frat dudes pounding incredibly overpriced beers in Ballston (ugh) trying to give out Mardi Gras shamrock beads to drunk 20 something girls desperately hoping to see a glimpse of nip anytime.

4. Not sure if I'm sad about missing these blogger get togethers. They sound cool in the wrap ups I've read, but then I see how contentious the blogaxy got the past couple days and I'm not sure if I want to take it to that level. I guess I'll play it by ear when the next one comes around. I'm usually not one to pass up the opportunity to pound brewdogs in good company.


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