Monday, April 10, 2006

Clarendon: Not All It's Cracked Up To Be? ...aka Mister Days Blows

To start with, I am usually not one to look down my nose at Clarendon for having a bunch of chain stores. It's really not that overrun by them (beyond the Market Common) and most of the restaurants and bars are not chains. The elitist DCites just need to take a walk through Chinatown or down M Street in Georgetown to realize that their chain stores/restaurants are far, far more numerous than Clarendon. A visit to Mister Days in Clarendon for a birthday made me virulently hate the place. These attacks could easily be made on any number of DC bars/clubs as well (see my posting on Play a couple months or so ago). Mister Days is a sports bar by day, dance club by night. They just move some tables out of the way at about 8 or 9 PM to clear out a dance floor, turn on a disco ball and some strobe lights, turn on the most generic and wide appealing dance club songs possible and there you have it, generic dance club. For some reason, people love Mister Days. There is a line almost every Saturday night, and for what? A terrible club experience along with 7 dollar drinks. I don't know if its popular only because it's the only pseudo-club in the area or what, but why go there when there are at least 5 other decent live music venues within walking distance? How many times do I really need to hear In Da Club or Feel Good Inc. mixed in with Welcome to the Jungle before I stab my ear drums out with a toothpick? I mean, it seems that all it really takes to make a successful club in Arlington is to serve liquor, put up a 50 dollar disco ball, then hook up the speaker system to some generic XM radio station and blast it. Next thing you know 400 Arlingtonians show up in a desperate attempt to seem hip and maybe find a fatty to bring home. Mister Days is definitely a place I'd be glad to see go out of business (it's also crappy as a sports bar).


At 8:18 AM, Blogger michelle said...

Haha I actually like the place, although I only make an appearance once every several months. I think the appeal is that there is no cover, and probably one of the only places in Clarendon that is guaranteed to have no cover, and I know sometimes if I just want to dance, I prefer a DJ over live. But it all depends on the mood. And I stick to beers to avoid high priced mixed drinks.

The thing I don't like about it though is that the dance floor is the size of a card table and everyone tries to cram into it. Who knows how many times I've gotten an elbow or a giant purse shoved into my side.

At 11:00 AM, Blogger YHS45 said...

I was very disappointed on how we were treated by Mr. Patrick G, the manager at Mister Days, Clarendon location on April 14, 2006. I came down from Frederick, MD to celebrate my birthday with my brother and sister along with some friends(who all live in different parts of VA & MD) and were not able to stay due to my brother wearing a white t-shirt and jeans. Within minutes after we arrived, the same bouncer who let us in was asking us to leave. We asked to speak with the Manager. Mr. Patrick G, approached us and explained that they enforce a dress code after 10pm and we explained we arrived at approximately 9:50pm and he still asked us to leave. My brother spoke with Patrick and told him he had a collar shirt in the car and Patrick then said well your friend's jeans are "too baggy." We felt discriminated against because there were other people dressed in t-shirts and "baggy" jeans and just wanted to know why we were being singled out. There was also a man in his military fatigues! After about twenty-five minutes of trying to talk to Patrick, we left. We stood in front of Mister Days to see if a dress code was actually enforced and saw the bouncer admit two men in shorts (one actually had a chain attached to his shorts) and a t-shirt, which I took a picture of and another man in a white Texas T-shirt, with baggy jeans and Timberland boots was allowed in - the bouncer actually went and got Patrick, the manager to see if it was ok to let him in and Patrick admitted him. I will never go back to Mister Days and definitely tell my coworkers and friends about my experience. I just hope the Mister Days is managed better in the future and if there is a dress code that it should apply to EVERYONE.


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