Thursday, April 27, 2006

OK So I'm Moving Soon

Part of the reason I've been so preoccupied lately is that I've had to find a new apartment to move to. My current lease is up soon and I had to weight whether it was worth paying more to live in a "cooler" area. I like Columbia Pike in Arlington, but it's certainly not a sexy place. No walkable Metro station, older buildings, an efficient bus line. But it is definitely a good value for this area. So I surveyed the possiblities. My job is in Crystal City and parking is expensive, so I had to take that into account. After checking Clarendon, I came to the conclusion that it is a huge rip-off. Yeah, I really want to spend 1800 dollars on a 1 bedroom apartment wiht crappy construction just because its next to the Cheesecake Factory and Crate and Barrel. Courthouse had some possibilities, but kind of the same thing, I just thought it was drastically overpriced. I checked out some places in DC, Cleveland Park mainly. It was OK, but I really didn't like that a lot of the apartments there don't have parking. I don't want to leave my car on the streets of DC, especially because I realized that my insurance company still thinks it is primarily parked in rural Virginia where I went to school. I checked Del Ray in Alexandria, which is an area I really like, but it just seemed out of the way from my work, and I feel like if I went for a night jog, I could easily stray into some not-so-nice neighborhoods. So I kind of narrowed it down to Crystal City or stay somewhere on Columbia Pike. Crystal City would be oh so convenient, but as with a lot of things, I let the bank account make the decision. Columbia Pike, for what you get, is dirt cheap. It's reasonably safe, there are a lot of unique restaurants, the Cinema and Drafthouse, and my new apartment has an unobstructed view of the DC monuments and is 900 square feet. For less than a crappy, older studio was running in Courthouse or Clarendon.

So now I've got to figure out the details of the move. I'm actually considering driving over to Shirlington, going to the city-run migrant labor station and picking up some day laborers to move my stuff. It's not a felony yet I'm pretty sure. Man, moving really does blow.


At 12:28 PM, Blogger Boutros said...

I'm a Piker, too, on S. Courthouse Rd., so welcome to the neighborhood. Be sure to check out Thai Square and Bangkok 54 for some killer food. There's an okay farmers' market on Sundays in the Eckerd parking lot.

At 10:25 PM, Blogger Delrayder said...

Scary parts of Del Ray?? You have to be kidding.


At 8:40 AM, Blogger The Virginian said...

Most of Del Ray is fine, especially where all the kitschy restaurants and stores are on Mt. Vernon. I'm talking more towards Glebe (which may not be Del Ray).

Boutros-Yeah I'm already a Piker, just moving to new digs on the Pike. Bangkok 54 is silly good, also a big fan of Rappahannock.

At 3:18 PM, Blogger kid said...

silly Virginian. Just for the record, I live in Lynhaven, which is one of your *scary* neighborhoods around Glebe Road, and on Friday morning the only sketchy character out on the streets at 4 am was me with a crying 6-month-old in a stroller. Unless you plan to rip off a drug dealer and come screaming into the 'Haven in your getway car, you'll find Del Ray, Lynhaven, and Chirilagua (I'm assuming it's these two predominantly Black and Latino neighborhoods you mean, up by Glebe?) quite safe. Good luck on your move, amigo.


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