Sunday, April 02, 2006

Please Kill Me If I Ever Die Like This

Is there any way to die that is more humiliating and embarassing than this?

On another note, since last year, the one thing I can count on enjoying in DC starts up tomorrow. Clearly, it is baseball season again. I am not a Nationals fan, but going to a baseball game is one of my favorite experiences, no matter what the teams are. Not to mention the fact that the Padres will be coming to town three times (which I already have tickets for). Looking at the Nationals, I'm fairly sure they are going to be awful. Their pitching is abysmal. Their big pitching acquisition, Brian Lawrence, is out for the year. And trust me, he is terrible to start with. Unlike most people, I think Alfonso Soriano will do just fine. He won't match his stats in Texas, but he will be productive. And pairing him with Jose Guillen and Ryan Zimmerman gives them a half decent middle of the lineup. I just can't see the team competing with the NL East. Regardless of how terrible the Nats are going to be, I still want to make it out to at least 20 games. There's nothing better than a night out at the ballpark. And I'm eager to see these supposed improvements to the food at RFK. This was by far the worst part of baseball returning to DC. There is no signature food at the ballpark to represent DC. I'm not really sure what the signature food would be here though. A half-smoke? Chili? I'd be happy with even just naming standbys like hot dogs and nachos something DCish. Change hot dog to Self-importance Dogs. Change hamburgers to Fili-burgers. Something like that so that people can tell they're in DC when they go to a game. So anyways, baseball season is here and I really couldn't be happier.

One more Nats related note. I saw a commercial advertising "Call to setup a visit by Screech to your next event." Am I the only one who immediately got excited about a chance to visit with Dustin Diamond?


At 5:24 PM, Blogger Marci (aka Baby Banana) said...

Dumbest mascot and mascot name EVER. They had a clean slate, could have done anything they wanted...and we get a retarded looking chicken* named after an annoying sitcom nerd.

*I know it's technically not a chicken, but it looks more like a chicken than an eagle.

At 5:53 PM, Blogger The Virginian said...

I wish the mascot was the real Screech. Or Mr. Testaverde*.

* The true Saved by the Bell nerdness coming out


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