Thursday, April 06, 2006

Re-Lax? Duke Lacrosse Team is going down hard

Now that this whole Duke lacrosse team rape story has taken over the national headlines, I feel it's a good time to discuss some key issues of this story. The stuff I've read says that the Duke lacrosse team pretty much had the run of campus. Really?! The lacrosse team? You mean the team that plays a sport that about four states care about? You mean the sport that was only a varsity sport at my high school in the girls category? This was one of the things that opened my eyes when I came to Virginia to go to school. Lacrosse was bigger than football at my school and I could never understand it. I've come to learn that it is popular with Northeast prep schools, and especially in Maryland. So great, it's a sport that rich white kids are playing (and girls nationwide). Why would they have the run of the Duke campus? A team for a fringe sport. I see this as akin to the roller hockey team at Arizona State having the run of the campus. Yes yes, lacrosse is the next big thing in America I've heard (from ex-Maryland high school lacrosse players). Really? Is that why Major League Lacrosse has captivated the nation? I mean, I can't turn on Sportscenter without seeing yet another highlight of the Baltimore Bayhawk - Rochester Rattlers game. Did Duke just concede that they have an awful, and will always have an awful, football team, hold a drawing for which second tier sport would become its 2nd most popular sports team, and then pick lacrosse?

But enough about how unimportant lacrosse is. These guys totally did it, and they're protecting themselves like any fraternity or team would. Just imagine some frat getting busted for cornholing a pledge with a broomstick right after a group elephant walk and the daily cattle prodding. Those guys are definitely sealing a bond of trust to protect each other, and I think that's what we're seeing here now. That DNA test will be the kicker, and I can't wait to see these elitist, 2nd tier athletes go down for a disgraceful, wrongful display of perceived power.


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