Sunday, April 23, 2006

To continue or not to continue

So I've been doing the blogging thing for about 4 months now. I think the blog is at a crossroads regarding whether it's worth me continuing or not continuing. Beyond the fact that my readership consists of two main groups: about 4 DC area bloggers from what I can tell, and a random assortment of frat dudes that find the blog by searching for "fratty" on Google. The real challenge is coming up with things to write about. One part of the "self-discovery" I've found by writing this blog is that my life is very boring. I have no DC dating stories because I'm tied down to a long term girlfriend. My job is very boring working for the Government, and I'm really not allowed to tell stories about my job anyways. I live in the "suburbs", which according to the people in DC discredits my opinion about anything DC related anyways. And by suburbs I mean less than 1 mile from the bridge to DC. So sometimes it's a struggle to come up with new material. And then to top it off, I've become somewhat preoccupied with self studying for the LSAT (in lieu of spending over a grand for LSAT practice classes). So I guess I need to figure out what I'm going to do.

I do know I like reading other people's blogs. It's just a matter of whether I can keep up a high degree of quality on the blog. So stay tuned...


At 11:24 PM, Blogger KOB said...

You're a good writer. Five readers at least.

At 12:14 AM, Blogger Dan Morehead said...

"Something is always happening." is a quotation by John Cage--artist, composer, writer, etc. The struggle is not coming up with stuff to write, but first seeing the world. A challenge indeed...

At 8:22 AM, Blogger E :) said...

If you think someone isn't interesting then you don't know them well enough. Keep writing! Observations about life are always interesting, even if you don't think so.

Oh, and make that at least six readers!

At 3:37 PM, Blogger Delrayder said...

Hey there,

I just stumbled on your site about two days ago and enjoy your writing style. I intended to send you an email but can't find your address. I'll try to make this short.

I've been following the dc sites for a while and enjoy them. I like DC a lot and am totally into its redevelopment. Thing is, I like Arlington and Alexandria and am equally intrigued by everything going on in these two dynamic parts of the metro area.

Soooo.. I decided to start my own blog about Del Ray, Arlandria and Potomac Yard. I'm amazed by how many people have read it in just a few days. It confirms my belief that there is a need for Arlington/Alexandria urbanism blogs.

I was searching for other NOVA blogs when I found your site.

You should consider writing about Clarendon, Ballston, Rosslyn or something like that. Be creative. Talk about development, community events, meals you've had for dinner, things you're seeing, different restaurants, back alleys where you're gettin' some booty, that kinda thing. If you say Clarendon is urban, describe it. I'll bet you'll have a ton of readers.

And don't get hung up on what's going on in DC. Clarendon is alive and throbbing. It just doesn't have anyone pointing that out.

I view urbanism blogs as pieces of a puzzle. Much of DC is already covered. I'm doing Del Ray, etc and hope someone will pick up Clarendon, Columbia Pike, Old Town. Clarendon, in particular, is such a hot, happening, funky part of town. It's more urban than much of DC.

I hope this doesn't come across as a lecture. Given your other postings, I just thought you might like the idea.

If you decide to do a blog about your part of hip Arlington, let me know, cause I'll add your site to mine. It'd be cool to get a large number of Arlington/Alexandria (historic DC) blogs going.

Just an idea.



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