Sunday, May 14, 2006

New Line of Work

So for the past year, I've really started to discover that I hate my job. I am one of the thousands of folks around here that handle Federal contracts. Supposedly, I am in charge of buying things for the military. In actuality, my job is to push paperwork, navigate bureaucracy and write up papers that let the government cover themselves when questioned about how much stuff costs. I've really started to just hate it. On top of that, I get paid as a Federal employee which isn't really very much. Especially when people working for companies make like 30K more than me for the same work. I'm currently looking at the private companies for work, but that really is just a stop-gap solution. I'm pretty sure I'll still hate what I do. So I'm taking the LSAT in June, thinking that maybe law will be a better career for me. I hope. Since law school is going to put me in debt by about $100K. It's kind of a risk, but it's a risk that I think I have to take. I just can't imagine going through life feeling as miserable every morning as I currently do. Not really sure what jobs I could really do. Maybe sales or something. I've heard I'm really good at convincing people to do things they don't like doing. But who knows. I guess stay tuned, but for the time being, I guess I'll just keep on contributing to the military industral complex.


At 6:33 PM, Blogger Captain Noni said...

Man, what a bummer. If you could do anything you wanted and get paid for it what would it be? I'd be interested in knowing. Take care.

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