Sunday, June 04, 2006

Garrett's: Who Needs It

A lot of times when I hit up bars around here, I am left to wonder why people go there in the first place. I went to a sweet house party on the roof of a townhome with a great view of DC. This party was right across the Potomac from Georgetown. After hearing some DCites press some of my friends "to head back to the city for some real going out," we decided to go to Garrett's in Georgetown. Without getting too much into it, it's not like Rosslyn is a podunk part of Virginia. It looks more urban and citylike than anything in DC. But back to the topic at hand. Garrett's seems like an OK place when it isn't packed full. Like completely full. There is nothing wrong with Garrett's itself per se, it just isn't anything special from what I can tell. So the averageness of the place added to the extreme crowd there just leaves me baffled why so many people were there. It's not that fun fighting your way through like 30 feet of wall to wall people to get a beer. Then, it's not fun fighting your way through that 30 foot wall of people to get back to your friends, inevitably spilling on people as you push your way through. It's probably not fun for all of those people to be spilled on either when every 30 seconds someone is trying to push their way out of the bar area. And this goes for all three of their bars. There was no relief. Also, a special note to the group of Mr. Popped Collar Guys in Pastel Polos and Patch Madras Shorts (seriously a group of 4 guys all wearing slightly different J. Crew combos), I'm pretty sure that fad went out about a year ago, and even then, it was a lame fad. So what is drawing these people here? It's not like it's easy to meet people and talk when it's insanely loud and chaotic. Fill me in someone... Yeah I realize it's "in the city", and I've said the same thing with such Virginia bars as Mister Days or Clarendon Grill, but really, what is the draw other than telling people that you went out on Saturday to Garrett's?

On another note, I took a job with private industry. As referenced on a previous post, I took Job #2. It is going to be awfully nice to see that huge raise over my current Government salary. Tomorrow I get the fun of putting in notice and seeing how mad my bosses will be (even though I'm giving 3 weeks notice).


At 2:22 AM, Blogger Pessimistic Nomad said...

your first mistake, going to Georgetown. What a load of pretentious crap. I much prefer parts of Adams Morgan, the non-homosexual part of Dupont Circle (not that I personally have a problem with the gay section but flattering as it may be to be hit on by other men, I would still much prefer to be around members of the opposite sex I actually have a chance with.) and various other slightly less conceited environments.

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